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Ikar sits atop a steel pole, floating at about 3 metres above the earth. At the base of a cliff face, sheltered from view and from the wind, this perchoir offers an unparalleled view of sunset on the Saint-Lawrence. After an easy walk along a 100-metre level path, a boardwalk provides access to this refuge with the look of a timeless spaceship.

Inspired by the eye representing the Egyptian sun god, Râ offers another way of seeing the world. Suspended by steel cables in a steep valley, this perchoir looks like a well-feathered arial nest that can be accessed by a rope suspension bridge. Inside, you have a front row seat for the sunset.


Hooked onto a rock cliff face, Krak is reminiscent of little mountaineer refuges that seem an integral part of the natural scenery. Rock is everywhere around Krak, inside and out; the scenery extending under your feet reveals the geological singularity of the place. And of course, the Saint-Lawrence can be spied from afar…


Suspended from a cliff face, Yuka offers a vertiginous refuge for lovers of heights and freedom. With pine pinnacles at your feet and the sunset as a backdrop, Yuka is an immersive experience in the heart of Kamouraska’s scenic landscape.


The pilgrimage to access Ipon is an adventure in itself, requiring bold spirit and healthy body. But the 320-metre journey is worth the effort. Hikers are rewarded by a breathtaking view from the rocky summit on which Ipon is perched. The star-filled sky will be your ceiling as you are enveloped by 360° of natural scenery. The surrounding landscape has the feel of taiga as centenarian lichens, creeping moss and bonsai watch over your sleep. Mind your step and don’t disturb the millenarian growth.